Petco Dollar Per Gallon Sale 75 Gallon

However, this sale is including 75 gallon tanks. In fact, i'm not even sure petco even stocks 75 gallon tanks.

Petco Gallon Sale For Sale Off 65

And if you do a online order and pick up in store, you get an additional 10% off.

Petco dollar per gallon sale 75 gallon. Normally, dollar per gallon sales include tanks from 10 gallons through 55 gallons. This sale is only available to pals rewards members. $1 per gallon is a steal.

I spent $86.80 on the 75 here in michigan at 6% sales tax. I don't believe that 75 gallons are included in the sale. I bought it in person at a local store.

(10g, 20gh, 20gl, 29g and 50% off 40g breeder and 55g) didn't they used to include 75 gal for 50% off as well? But, petsmart has a 75 gallon tank/hood/light combo on sale now for $215. 3 of them i bought brand new in may during petco's $1 per gallon sale, the other one i got off offer up and that one has a little melting to the top plastic frame.

My local petco only has up to 75 gallons, but i read on here before of people buying 90 gallons from them. I bought one last weekend. They do have half off on the 40 gallon breeders.

He scanned it at the register and it applied the 1$ per gallon sale automatically. Our store is not large enough to merit 75 gallons normally. Their 40g breeders & 75g tanks are 50% off i believe.

Their sale only goes up to 29 gallons on the dollar per gallon sale. In store only.10g 20 gallon 20l and 29 gallon and they have the 40 gallon 55 gallon and 75 gallon for 50% off. I use black diamond blasting sand in my 75 gallon tank and i.

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#3 · oct 11, 2012. How much is a 75 gallon tank? I am not trying to get the cheapest or most expensive items to set up my tank but, after inspecting this tank further i am wondering if i should spend more than $100 on this size of tank.

Just food for thought here is a link: I'm pretty sure they have 55s at the dollar per gallon sale. I originally planned to put the sump under the stand.

Thinking about picking up a 40 breeder and drilling it and getting a 20 long for a sump. I got an email from petco earlier today that petco's dollar per gallon sale is on! Petco actually loses money on the tanks they sell in the $1 per gallon sale, but they make it up with the profits from all of the extras that you buy (filter, heater, substrate, lights, hood, decor, ect.) to put in the tank.

It’s either called a 50% off aqueon sale or a dollar per gallon. I was using them to quarantine fish before putting them in the main tank or to keep baby fry in. Is petco still doing the dollar per gallon sale?

It sounds like maybe the manager just liked you. At least they have a small selection of saltwater livestock. Last sale in june or july, i remember lasted at least a week.

The amount of time may vary with location i bet. In fayetteville nc we just got a new petco. The next petco dollar per gallon sale will likely be towards the end of 2020, between.

How often are the dollar per gallon sales? The smaller tanks are $1/gal. The dollar per gallon sale happens seasonally, about 4 times a year.

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Just in case anyone here would be interested in some new tanks.sorry if this is not the right place to put this. After much research and thinking about different possibilities, i think it makes more sense to put the sump in the basement directly below the 75 gallon. Some lovely internet person pointed out to me that petco is doing their dollar per gallon sale now.

Also just fyi to everyone, they make you pay taxes on the full price and then the discount is taken off. $160 for just the 75 gallon is a great price for a brand new tank. I also grabbed a 40g breeder to use as a sump.

Used (normal wear), i have 4 10 gallon aquariums for sale that i recently just drained and cleaned up. I know this because our store has received confirmation from corporate regarding this. I hope there is another sale soon, because my 75 gallon tank leaked out, and the frame of my 55 gallon tank is cracked, and the haps really need their own tank.

I purchased a 75 gal aqueon tank from petco as their $1 a gallon is sale is going on.

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